Major Victories

Settled major discrimination lawsuit against the City of New York on behalf of female members of the New York City Fire Department’s Emergency Medical Services.

Settled lawsuit regarding sexual orientation discrimination against one of the largest banks in the U.S.

Negotiated severance package for an individual experiencing discrimination and harassment regarding sexual orientation in the workplace.

Took an international restaurant chain to task for discrimination based on race and sexual orientation and won a major decision against them.

Won an important Appellate Court decision affirming the rights of same-sex couples.

Stood up against transgender discrimination and settled a major lawsuit against a national company.

Won decision with the Labor Department in favor of woman who was sexually harassed by a large international financial institution.

Negotiated severance on behalf of an 18-year veteran of a major national retailer.

Fought for an accurate birth certificate for transgender man and won.

Settled federal lawsuit involving religious discrimination against Jewish employee.

Represented police officers who were wrongfully arrested and modified by the New York City Police Department and won.

Successfully challenged Supreme Court Justice’s determination that medical evidence was necessary for a name change.

Won decision in the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for man being sexually harassed on the job.

Awarded landmark decision to legally allow same sex couple to use the same last name.

Fought for and won custody for a lesbian couple, in the best interests of the child, instead of custody being awarded to the biological mother.

Won a major decision in Federal Court denying an international restaurant chain’s motion to sever the claims of multiple customers in different states.

Prevented eviction of New York City vegan restaurant.

Won a major decision in Federal Court denying a school district and a bus company’s motion to dismiss claims of discrimination based on national origin.